Travel Log/Journal Requirements

The log book/journal should serve as a tool for daily reflection on your experiences. For clinical rotations, you should include, at a minimum, a log of patients seen including: age, gender, complaint, diagnosis, and treatment. It may also be appropriate to include clinical setting and contributing social or medical concerns. You are encouraged to add anecdotes or jot down insights on new perspectives gained from a particular encounter.

For research electives, include project experiments and conferences. You are again encouraged to include anecdotes and insights. The log book must be reviewed with your faculty mentor and you should provide a copy to the Career Counseling Office for future students to review.

Final Paper Requirements

The paper should be two to four typewritten pages in length. It should be a review of your experiences during the international elective. You must:

  1. Discuss how your initial learning goals were met. If they were not met, discuss why not.
  2. Discuss one or two unique experiences you had, which had an impact on your view of medicine, health care, or yourself as a physician.

Appropriate use of the medical (or other) literature is expected.

The final paper must be completed after your return and must be reviewed by your faculty advisor. You must provide a copy to the Career Counseling Office as well for future students to review.

Post-Trip Survey

After returning from your trip, you will receive a brief survey regarding your SOAP experience, including outside sources of funding, recommendations for future students and a paragraph for the website.